About Us

How Did We Start

Renaissance Gems, born in 1998, means “rebirth”. The basis of the brand’s inspiration is a passion for giving rebirth to classic handcrafted jewellery designs in the era of modernization. Renaissance talks all about purity with classics and creates its Bespoke creation. The elegant, timeless pieces, consistently with a slight twist to make the designs unique as you are. Jewellery pieces adorned with diamonds and shimmering in gold with pearls, precious stones, and semi-precious stones always focus on captivating folks of all generations.

How Different Are We

The brand Renaissance is a design house that centres on creating a range of jewellery blended with tradition and contemporaneity. Renaissance crafted inspirations are manufactured at Bombay, where specialized Bengali artisans pay attention to details, and the designs add elegance, boldness and grace to produce alluring pieces of jewellery. Wear them and watch the gems COME TO LIFE, each stone changing and moving to the beat of your body—a tribute to womanliness, excellence and creation. Renaissance designs and products are handcrafted under close observation, which helps us to check designs at all stages of manufacturing, and every design is also a token of representation of the innumerous souls who have touched the design throughout the process and worked on keeping the undying spirit of fine jewellery alive.